There are many beaches on Maui from the Wailea to Lahaina to North Shore to Hana.

Many of the best beaches for family photos are typically located either in Kihei/Wailea or Lahaina to Kapalua because the sunsets tend to be best on those sides of the island; the beach proximity to most hotels and condos and the weather tends to driest/least amount of rain. When I discuss locations with clients I typically try to find the best beach that?s closest to their hotel/condo. Especially if there are younger children to consider.

Other important items to consider are beaches that are more/less exposed to the wind.? Maui can be a very windy place so taking into account wind can make a big difference between photos with wind blown hair or not. Lastly it is important to remember that Kaanapali beach is off limits to commercial photography of any kind so while it is one of Maui?s most popular it is unfortunately not an option. Don?t worry though there are plenty of other nearby beaches just as if not more beautiful.

If you’re visiting Maui and are ready for an impromptu (or planned!) Family photo session on some of the most beautiful locations in Maui, then give Ben Kottke Photography a call today or Book Your Session Now.

family on maui beach image

family and siblings hold hands on beach

engagement photo at sunset on maui beach



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